8+ Great cource Websites to Learn New Tech Skills

8+ Great cource Websites to Learn New Tech Skills

The good news is there are plenty of reputable places to educate yourself online for free, and here's a good 20 of them to get you started.Technology has changed the way we used to do many things, and learning is one of them. You no longer have to attend classes because you can learn without leaving the comforts of your room. This article highlights 10 online learning resources that can help you learn anything from anywhere at anytime.

1. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a technology and multimedia-focused online learning platform. All of its courses are edited and vetted for production quality, leading to many courses that are of higher quality than most other generic online platforms.

You can find individual courses for almost every software language or tool you can imagine. You can also find various learning paths as well as skill tests to gauge your level in a particular path.

2. Katacoda

Katacoda is a free, interactive, and tool-based learning platform. What makes it unique is its built-in shells in the web browser, where you can read prompts and click-through tutorials while actually running commands in a real terminal side-by-side.

The lesson will spin up instances in the cloud and you can immediately observe the fruits of your lessons.

Katacoda was recently acquired by O’Reilly.

3. Scotch.io

For front-end and web developers, Scotch.io is a great resource to improve your knowledge or learn some new frameworks and tools. There are courses on there for all of the major front-end frameworks (e.g. React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Laravel, etc.) and various other tools, libraries, and concepts.

It’s the perfect website for people who want to break into web development or learn a specific topic.

4. Udemy.com

Udemy is a popular, generic online learning platform housing a variety of different courses and topics.

You’ll find anything from tech, to finances, to art and creative disciplines, etc. In addition, Udemy courses are on sale for virtually half the year, so you can buy most of your courses for only $10-$20.

The biggest downside is that there doesn’t appear to be a team that vets the content. It’s a neutral online platform, so there are people who are allowed to sell extremely questionable courses (e.g. fortune-telling, mind-reading).

5. edX

edX is a freeware online website containing courses from various top universities. The courses are primarily aimed at introductory, general computer science and programming concepts.

But they can be great for people looking to learn new programming languages or explore basics of a new topic (for example, an Intro to Python course by Microsoft or Intro to Cybersecurity by U of Washington).

6. Coursera

Coursera is another online learning platform, similar to edX, with courses from various companies and universities on a variety of topics.

Users can pursue entire degrees and certifications, or just explore individual courses that cover specific topics.

7. Codementor

Codementor is a live coding mentorship website which pairs you with an experienced engineer in a particular language or field.

Incidentally, they’re also a freelancer sourcing website that allows people to quickly find freelancers or freelancing opportunities in software.

8. Bitdegree

Bitdegree is a learning platform that introduces a gamified learning system to help boost motivation.Although it started off specifically aimed at tech and software, it has since expanded its course offerings to various topics like Productivity, Self-Improvement, Marketing, Finance, etc.Imagine if Udemy focused more specifically on technology and professional skills and added gamification — that’s Bitdegree.

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